Mr. JeremyMr. Jeremy is the school director. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1997, he moved to Japan and learned about early childhood education while teaching at preschools in Nagasaki. He has been teaching children in Japan almost ever since. He and his wife Tomomi have three children. His hobbies include reading, running and hiking.

Mrs. EllenMrs. Ellen is the head preschool teacher. An American, she was born in Japan and has spent much of her life here. She graduated from the University of Hawaii and has more than twenty years of teaching experience. She has two grown daughters. Mrs. Ellen enjoys baking sweets.

Mr. IsakuMr. Isaku received his B.A. in linguistics from the University of Oregon and M.A. in Religion from International College and Graduate School in Hawaii. He met his wife Nozomi in Hawaii, and returned to Japan in 2002.  He is learning to become a better father of two children every day.  His passion is to see children's character built up and their dreams released for great causes.

Miss EmikoMiss Emiko is a Japan-licensed childcare worker. She graduated from Kanda University of International Studies with a degree in foreign languages and spent 2 years working at Walt Disney World in the United States. Her interests include traveling, dancing and watching stage shows.